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Frame Repair

We don't just create picture frames for artworks brought to us. We also repair picture frames that have become damaged in some way. 

Sometimes this might just be a broken glass which has to be replaced, or it could be more serious, such as the frame itself becoming damaged. Sometimes, rather than repair the damage, the customer will choose the re-frame the work entirely, in other cases the job will be to repair the frame.

The example given below is typical of the usual repair job.

Damaged frame back

As can be seen at the bottom right the mitre on this frame has failed. This was due to the cord failing and so the frame crashed to the floor. The impact opened up one of the mitres and broke the glass. Shown below are two further pictures revealing in close up the damage to the mitre joint at the corner of the frame.

Damaged frame mitre
Damaged frame mitre

In this case it was fortunate that when the glass broke from the impact of the fall that the artwork itself was not damaged! This is a not infrequent occurrence and just emphasises that pictures should be checked every now and again to ensure that the hanging attachments are secure. We would suggest this is done once a year.

In this case a new glass was made, the mitre that had been damaged was repaired, new sealing tape was placed all round the back of the frame (to prevent the ingress of insects, dust, etc) and finally the ancient hanging attachments were replaced, the failed cord disposed of and replaced with a wire with steel at its core around which multiple strands of brass wire are wound. The result is illustrated below.

Repaired frame containing limited edition print 'Mallard in Squally Weather by Archibald Thorburn (1927)

As can be seen there is some deterioration to the mount due to ageing etc. The mount could have been replaced too. However the customer wanted to keep it as it is due to the fact that this nice artwork is part of a set of four by the same artist, all mounted and framed in the same way. Putting a new mount on this one would have, with even the best will in the world, resulted in it looking a little different from the other framed works and, as cost is always a consideration, did not at this time want to have the cost of opening up all the frames and re-mounting each one. She was happy just to get her very nice artwork back in hanging condition!

For those of you interested in the artwork above this is a limited edition print issued in 1927 by the Fine Art Trade Guild in London of a work by Archibald Thorburn entitled  'Mallard in Squally Weather'. 

Archibald Thorburn was a Scottish artist and animal painter and bird illustrator, painting mostly in watercolour. He regularly visited Scotland to sketch birds in the wild, his favourite haunt being the Forest of Gaick near Kingussie in Invernesshire. For those of you who are interested in his work more information is available here