The Glass

We offer two types of glass here at Picture Framing for you, Standard glass and ClearColour PLUS UV glass.

Standard glass is the type we use for most framing jobs. It is clear, easy to clean but does not offer any anti-reflective properties.

ClearColour PLUS UV glass is anti-reflective and also blocks most of the UV rays that cause long-term damage to artworks. If you want maximum protection and to enjoy your artwork without annoying reflections, ClearColour PLUS UV is the glass to choose. It is however, as you might expect, more expensive. We'll discuss the pricing difference later.

Glass Examples

The image below illustrates how effective ClearColour PLUS UV glass is at preventing reflections by comparing it with other types of glass.

Comparing Three Types Of Glass

The above frame hangs in our studio. 

The left most glass is the standard 2mm float glass which is commonly used by all framers for everyday framing. 

The glass in the centre (yes, there really is glass!) is 2mm ClearColour PLUS UV.  As you can see it has eliminated the reflections that cause such distractions on normal float glass. It also protects the artwork from UV light.

The glass at the right is a cheaper version of anti-reflective glass. It works by having an etched surface to break up reflections. However it is not really effective and results in a sheen appearing on the glass. In addition, because the surface is etched, it causes the artwork under the glass to appear blurred. The blurriness increases the thicker the mount. Because of its disadvantages we do not use this type of glass at all.

If you find the clarity exhibited by the ClearColour PLUS UV glass shown above hard to believe come to our studio and see it in person!

Properties of ClearColour PLUS UV GLass

The illustrations below provide some information about the effectiveness of the protection offered by this type of glass. If you have something of either great sentimental or intrinsic value and want to frame it with maximum protection this is the glass to use.

As illustrated above normal glass reflects about 8% of the light falling on it whereas ClearColour PLUS UV only reflects 1% of the light. This enhances viewing pleasure enormously.

Normal glass offers very little protection against the damaging effects of UV light which include fading, yellowing and making the artwork medium more brittle over time. ClearColour PLUS UV blocks 92% of the UV rays in the critical nanometre range, that is the UV rays that cause damage to artworks.


ClearColour PLUS UV can be cleaned with normal household cleaners. At Picture Framing For You we use Nilglass for all our glass cleaning and are therefore happy to recommend that product.


In view of its quality, ClearColour PLUS UV glass is obviously more expensive. For example, using this glass in a 600mm x 400mm frame would add around £50 to the cost of the job. But in return you get the best possible viewing experience and the reassurance that your artwork is receiving the best possible protection from the damaging effects of UV light.

If you would like to see the effect of this glass on your artworks please visit our framing studio in Contin. Details of where we are can be seen on our contact page.