The Moulding

At Picture Framing For You we offer the full range of Nielsen Bainbridge mouldings, a vast range  to suit every taste, from traditional to the latest in modern design. 

Nielsen Bainbridge  mouldings are made to the highest standards, with manufacturing facilities in both Europe and North America, working with leading designers to deliver an extensive collection of unique and beautiful mouldings.

We have samples of the vast majority of these mouldings at our framing studio so that you can see how they look next to the object to be framed.  

Images of some of our mouldings are illustrated below but you can view the entire range in the Nielsen Bainbridge catalogue by clicking on the the photograph of the catalogue.

Moulding Range

We offer the full range of Nielsen Bainbridge mouldings, both aluminium and wood. When we started out in business over twenty-five years ago we stocked our mouldings in three-metre lengths and then cut them to suit the size of frame to be made. However, as the business grew, we wanted to offer more and more moulding choices. The downside of this arrangement is that we had to have more and more moulding lengths in stock. Eventually we realised we could not go on adding endless moulding styles to our range as we'd run out of money - and space!

Then we discovered Nielsen Bainbridge's chop service. This service allowed us to display samples of all of Nielsen's mouldings for our customers to choose from, but only order exactly what was needed to make a particular frame. Once a choice has been made on a particular moulding, we can then order exactly the amount of moulding material needed. It is usually delivered to our studio in a few days.

Nielsen Bainbridge launch new mouldings from time to time throughout the year and samples are sent to Picture Framing For You, which we then add to our display area.

Illustrated below are just a few of our extensive range of moulding samples. When you bring something to frame we are very happy to advise on suitable mouldings (and mounts) that will enhance the artwork or object you would like framed.

New Nielsen Mouldings 2019, Accents

New Nielsen Mouldings 2019, Accents

Accents of colour, metal, wood, they are ubiquitous in todays interiors. Now this can be done with framing. Accents fit in and combine perfectly with our other mouldings as an inner frame, a technique also known as a slip. Clean modern, easy, trendy, contemporary.