Robert Forsyth

Robert is a self-taught artist based in the Highlands of Scotland at Maryburgh. Painting has been a life long passion for Robert, beginning back in his schooldays, the only time he ever had any formal teaching.  During his long working life in the building trade it only ever remained a passion and he continued to learn by reading and practicing endlessly.

Robert enjoys life outdoors in the landscape and so in his younger days he would combine his passion with painting with his passion for fly fishing. However he was soon to find that trout were no respecter of art and they demanded his attention as soon as they started to rise! The paint brush and the fly rod were not compatible companions!

However, especially in the summer, he likes, and prefers, to do his painting outdoors from life, although, like many artists he also paints from photographs. Once he retired from building work Robert was able to devote himself full time to the business of painting which he does to this day. Robert says that the challenge of mastering painting techniques has been a life long pursuit but one that has been a privilege. His preferred medium is oils and he uses it to try and capture the all important effect light has on the landscape. He normally paints scenes around the area he lives in.

Below are current examples of Robert's work all available to purchase. Just click on any of the paintings to see it in a larger size. They are all for sale at the prices shown below.

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