Covid Precautions

We have put in precautions to protect both our customers and ourselves. 

These are our Covid precautions. 

1. All visits are by appointment only so that you can be sure there will be no other people there at the same time as you.

2. During the course of the Covid pandemic it is mandatory for all customers to wear a face covering  and we, the staff, will also be wearing face masks. This arrangement helps to protect  us and reduce the risk of spreading Covid to others.  If you don't have a mask when you arrive we will provide you with a clean unused face mask untouched by anyone else. We would ask you to please adhere to these requirements unless you have an exemption. 

3. The double glass doors at the front of our house are now the main entrance -  see Photo 1 below. They will be locked but when you arrive go to the glass doors and ring the bell which if fixed to the glass door. One of the staff will unlock the door for you with an anti-bacterial wipe (to ensure the handle is clean for you).

4. You will now be able to come in, see Photo 2 below. In front of you you will see a clear protective screen. To your left will be a small table with anti-bacterial sanitizer should you wish to use it.

5. In front of you will be a table on which you can place your artwork(s). We can then discuss with you how you want the artwork(s) framed and bring over to the table appropriate sample mounts and mouldings while remaining on the other side of the protective screen.

For everyone's safety, sample mouldings and mounts can only be touched by us.

Photo 1

Picture Framing For You Entrance

Picture Framing For You Entrance

Please ring the bell on the double glass doors for entrance to the framing studio.

Photo 2

Photo 2

We look forward to seeing you again!