Picture Framing News

We started this page in May 2021 to highlight recent customer work, new services and new products as they happen. Until now this information had been published on Facebook (and will continue there) but as not everyone has Facebook we have added this page to our website. When time permits (we are usually hard pressed keeping up with framing!) we may add some of the older news items that still have a topical interest.

3rd June 2021

This dramatic landscape, a limited limited edition print entitled "Stac Pollaidh Sun Rays" was created by the well known Scottish Artist Stuart Herd. Situated in the Assynt area of the NW Highlands, this artwork is of an area of dramatic scenic beauty where solitary mountains rise majestically out of a virtually treeless landscape studded with a myriad of lochs.

Stuart began his career as a commercial photographer before embarking on a painting career in 2002. He started exhibiting in Argyll galleries while working as a Picture Framer, but within a few years he was working full time on his paintings. 

In 2007 he opened The Art Studio in Tarbet, Argyll. Due to his growing popularity he felt he needed an outlet for people to meet him and view his work. This enabled him to combine his Picture Framing business on this site. Since opening, his work has become increasingly sought after by buyers worldwide.

This print was brought to us recently and following discussion with the customer it was decided to frame this artwork with an Artcare double mount and frame it with a moulding from Nielsen Design's Moma range.

If you would like to see more of Stuart Herd's work you can visit his website at http://www.artstuart.com/

3rd May 2021

About three months ago we received probably the most time consuming framing job we have ever worked on. It was a series of french flower cards that came with seed packets. Eighty four flower cards to be exact, all to be framed somehow.

The seed packets were discovered inside an old warehouse in France. They had lain there untouched since the 1930’s. It is not known if the owner had died or went bankrupt. There were lots of other bits and pieces. Mostly haberdashery, hair decorations, children’s toys etc. Our customer saw the seed packets advertised for sale on Instagram, thought they were lovely (they certainly are!), bought them and brought them to Picture Framing For You.

We were given carte blanche with regard to framing style except with regard to maximum dimensions that could be permitted for the resulting series of frames. Bearing these dimensions in mind the first task was to design a method of framing that was attractive and would protect the cards for as long as possible. This required framing to conservation standards and protection with anti-reflective UV blocking glass to minimise fading.

French Flower Cards printed early 20th Century, artist unknown

Following what seemed an extraordinary amount of arithmetic it was decided to make three frames, each with 24 cards (split across two mount windows each containing 12 cards) and a fourth frame with 12 cards in one mount window, all to be framed in a traditional style gold frame from Nielsen Design's Vienna range. Illustrated above is the frame with 12 flower cards.

The mountboard used is from the Artcare Tatami Silk range and is covered with silk fabric. Each card had to be placed accurately and evenly spaced in the mount window. To achieve that a template with twelve card sized windows was made to assist in the accurate positioning of each flower card as shown in the second photo below. The template was made to fit exactly within the mount window and each opening in the template was flower card sized. The template was made from mount board, a flower card layout on it was accurately drawn, then each individual card window was cut out using a craft knife.

Armed with our card template we could get to work! In the second photo (below) you can see the card template positioned within the mount window ready to receive the flower cards. Each card now had to be attached to the supporting mount board by means of thin strips of archival water gum tape. This kind of tape will cause no staining, is secure, and can, if need be, be removed without harm at a later date if re-framing is ever required. The painted stones in the second photo are weights to ensure the mount does not move while positioning the flower cards in the template.

Once all the cards were fixed within the template openings the template could be removed to start work on another mount window. You may be wondering how we arranged the sequence of cards. There are two of us at Picture Framing For You, Corinne worked out how to arrange the cards in each window, the aim being to randomise the colours as much as possible. She arranged them all on a large sheet of board into seven groups of twelve. Gordon, when fixing each card into the mount window simply transferred the pattern that Corinne had created.

If you'd like to see all the frames that were made for the french flower cards you can see them here https://www.pictureframingforyou.scot/Framed-Artworks/i-3ffj596 Finally, we'd like to mention Lisa Stewart of Stuff and Rainbows who painted the stones we use as weights anytime we need things held in place, which is a lot! Her painted stones are lovely and we discovered them one day when she was selling them at a craft fair at Ullapool Market. Lisa also exhibits at the Poolewe Tuesday Market and we may pop in there one day to get more stones!

Untitled photo

12 March 2021

This beautiful calligraphy work was created as a birthday present for a young man. The poem is Rudyard Kipling's 'IF' and the calligraphy is in Uncial script. Twenty four carat gold has been used for the poem's title and also for the motifs between each stanza of the poem. This fine work was created by calligrapher Annette Reed.

Click on the framed artwork to the left to see it in a larger size.

Annette is a Scribe (calligrapher) to the Order of the Thistle and has written many official documents for and on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, including appointments for Nicola Sturgeon, MSP, First Minister, The Lord Lyon King of Arms, Lords Lieutenant, Commissioners for the Church of Scotland and all appointed Scottish Queen’s Counsels. Annette has her own Facebook page at Reed and Write · where you can follow her and her work.

Following discussion with the customer it was decided to frame the calligraphy work as follows. That it should be double mounted to give added depth thereby leading the eye into the image. The undermount was to be made from Artcare Colour Core using a version which has a black core beneath the neutral top surface of the mount. When a bevel edge 'window' is cut in such a mount this reveals its black core giving the appearance of a line around the calligraphy. To this mount was added an neutral Artcare upper mount with a slightly larger window.

Finally it was decided to mirror the black core with a black frame as shown, but to have a gold inner slip frame to complement the gold used in the calligraphy.

Many more examples of Annette Reed's work are on her website at http://www.reedandwrite.co.uk/about.asp